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Coloured Ryeland Hogget

Coloured Ryelands are a native breed of sheep. Until a few years ago they were on the rare breed watch list however due to their gaining popularity they are no longer in danger of vanishing from our countryside.

They are a slower maturing animal and therefore fell out of popularity with todays commercial breeders but this trait lends itself to great flavour.


Hogget is an animal between 12 months and 2 years old. Allowed to mature slowly over the winter months, then grow on with just fresh spring grass, the taste of Hogget is deemed far superior to lamb but can be cooked in the same way.

Whole Hogget Box

£Available to preorder Spring 2024 (approx based on weight)

Suggested option

4 x 1/2 legs on the bone as roasting joints

1 x shoulder on the bone

1 x shoulder boned and rolled

3 x neck chops

1 x rack of lamb

3 x two cutlets

6 x two loin chops

The breast can be minced/made into burgers/or rolled

Half Hogget Box

£Available to preorder Spring 2024

2 x 1/2 legs on the bone as roasting joints

1 x Shoulder on the bone

1 x rack of lamb

3 x 2 loin chops

The breast can be minced/made into burgers/or rolled


Please note when pre ordering a hogget box , a non refundable deposit of £40 is required.

Other hogget products

(Price will be visible when products become available. Our hogget will be back in stock from the 27th April 2024 when our onsite shop reopens)

Leg of Hogget £unavailable

Half or whole legs of lamb are prepared on the bone to optimise cooking times

Loin chops £unavailable

Loin chops are the equivilant of a Tbone steak.

Leg Steaks £unavailable

Rump and Topside steaks. Cook as you would a beef steak, served medium . Incredibly tender and flavoursome.

Packaged in pairs

Hogget Cutlets £unavailable

Packaged in pairs

Shoulder £unavailable

Butchered on the bone 

Minted Hogget Cutlets £sold out

Great for BBQ season. Packaged in pairs

Hogget Burgers £SOLD OUT

Deliciously moist with a hint of mint. Enjoy as a midweek meal or on the BBQ

2 per pack

Minced Hogget £unavailable

Available in 500g packs

Diced Hogget £unavailable

Available in 500g packs ideal for making stews in the autumn and kebabs in the summer.

Moroccan Sausages £sold out

In packs of 6


4 x Burgers

6 x Moroccan sausages

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