Farm Experiences

One thing we love just as much as our farming life, is sharing it with you!!

We have opened our doors to local schools for a while now, but it was a friend of ours who suggested we invite adults and families to visit the farm as well.  Our friend had come along and spent a day with us and said how much they had really enjoyed what we had done, working in the fresh air amongst the animals it had left him with a sense of not only achievement but interestingly, peace.  At first we didn’t know what to offer but over time we have developed (and are still developing) opportunities for you to come along and experience different activities that are real and honest working days on the farm.

See what we have to offer

Educational trips for Schools

We can tailor a visit to what your current topic is on your cirriculum. We can incorporate maths, geography, english, history, science and much much more.

Experiences on the farm

Lambing barn tours, animal husbandry days, spend a day on the farm, we regularly hold our experience days for adults and children.

Farm Walks (New for 2024)

Our farm walks are coming soon. Have a tour of the farm, taking in all the scenery and meeting the animals. Finish off with tea and biscuits.