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Oxford Sandy & Black Pork

The Oxford Sandy & Black (OSB) pig is on the rare breed list and is in fact at risk of becoming extinct.  This wonderful docile pig produces meat that is rich in flavour thanks to its fat content. This fat renders down during cooking, basting the meat as it does so creating a moist eating experience whilst oozing with flavour.

Our pigs are reared outdoors in our woodland areas, where they are allowed to exhibit their natural behaviour, rooting for fallen fruits, brambles, thistle, nettle and dandelion roots, willow, and bugs, wallowing in mud baths and lazing in the sunshine.

To learn more about tis wonderful breed click the link below

Our pork will be back in stock when our shop reopens on the 27th April 2024. Thank you all for your support and patience. Team Ryecroft x

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(Price will be visible when products become available)

Leg of Pork £SOLD OUT

Boneless leg of pork. Perfect for a sunday roast. Comes with a layer of crackling . Approx size 1 – 1.5Kg.

Boneless loin steaks £sold out

An easy mid week meal, grilled, slow cooked, pan fried, your choice.

(Average weight 350g, 2 chops per pack)

Ribs £sold out

Delicious slow cooked, oven cooked  or cooked on the BBQ 

(approx 500g packs)

Lean Mince £sold out

Make your own koftas or use it to make an amazing lasagne, bolognaise, or chilli

(500g pack)

Tenderloin £sold out

A mini roasting joint or slice up into medallions and pan fry

(Approx 350g)

Leg steaks £sold out

The taste of a leg but in a convenient steak!

(average weight 350g, 2 steaks per pack)

Pulled Pork Joints £sold out

These joints are forgotten joints from the shoulder. They are perfect for slow cooking in apple juice to create the most succulant pulled pork

Pork Strips £sold out

Ideal for stir frying. 

(500g pack)

Stuffed Belly Pork Joint £sold out

Belly pork stuffed with Sage & Onion Stuffing with a covering of rind for a delicious crackling. Perfect joint for two. 


BBQ Kebabs £sold out

Diced pork with a BBQ glaze. Ideal for your BBQ or grill, served in a flat bread with a tasty dip or eat straight from the stick! 

grilled meats, grilling, flesh-1309477.jpg

Gammon, Bacon, Sausages, Burgers

(Price will be visible when products become available)

Dry Cured Back Bacon £sold out

Minimum weight 150g

Dry Cured Streaky Bacon £sold out

Minimum weight 250g

Traditional Pork sausage £5.00

In packs of 6 

Cumberland Sausage £soldout

In packs of 6

Pork & Apple Burgers £sold out

A rich porky flavour with a hint of apples

(2 per pack)

Pigs in Blanket Kits £unavailable

Order your pigs in blanket kits in time for Christmas.

Each kit comes with chipolatas and streaky bacon slices for you to put together. 

Gammon Joints £unavailable

Dry cured and delicious. 

Ham Hocks/ Shanks £sold out

Amazing slow cooked or used for your pea and ham soups

(average weight 1Kg)


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